It’s about your team

Do you find that it is so frustrating to see a group of high quality individuals get together and be inefficient, ineffective, and simply underperform? So often we put a group of highly paid individuals in a room together and expect that they will be a great team. However, it is only through consciously developing and cultivating high performance team and group behaviours that cohesion, collaboration and real performance can emerge.

And I’ll be here to help them play it.

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The Bigger Game Background Clear
Cricket Team Holding Hands

What is your bigger game?

Do you want your team, leadership group, board or cross-functional workgroup to:?

  • Collaborate effectively, bringing out the best of each member, and of the group as a whole?
  • Create an internal culture of innovation, creativity and authenticity. Where people and their ideas matter, and are focused on creating brilliant outcomes?
  • Define truly valuable strategies, and evolve action plans which deliver them?
  • Deal efficiently with conflict, address the issues that must be addressed, have the important conversations that need to be had, and take decisions which are bold and considered to elevate performance?
  • Develop a clear purpose and vision, which brings energy and focus across the whole organisation?
  • Be a place where the way people work together is moved beyond defensiveness and into the realms of high performance?

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Finding your bigger game

“His work with the leadership was equally impressive – really unlocking the keys to creating a sustained culture around our values and being great leaders.” {see more}

Phil can help you and your team by removing roadblocks; enhancing creativity, collaboration and decision making; helping groups deal with unresolved issues; and simply inviting the best from participants in the room. He helps teams define the culture, processes and practices that deliver exceptional team performance, and to understand their own ongoing performance processes.

Phil Owens is a Corporate Behaviourist who specialises in crafting transformations within complex organisational environments. He is a sought after coach and facilitator who can work with your teams when you want them step up and play a much bigger game. Phil uses his unique corporate behaviourist methodologies to help decode and fine tune behaviour to achieve high performance and success.

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What could it look like?

Highly qualified, experienced and with unique behaviourist approaches learned from the world’s best, Phil has helped build, shape and enhance high-performing teams across cultures, functions and geographies. Phil comes from a successful career at the top of international business, where high performance and leadership was demanded. Coupled with his qualifications in Neurophysiology, Psychology, International business, Coaching and Change, Phil knows his stuff, and helps you cut through to craft your bigger game.

“Phil is an excellent communicator that can address any level within an organisation – from top management to front-line sales people. He is extremely quick-minded and a great motivator – not only when standing in front of an audience but also when working with/leading a team.” {see more}.

Let Phil Owens of the Bigger Game help you take any team to its Bigger Game. Create a truly inspiring group that delivers for the business, and the people within it.

Find out more about the Bigger Game team development programs. Or contact Phil to create something tailored to your specific needs.
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