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Do you find that there is incredible untapped potential in your organisation? That culture, engagement, collaboration and patterns of behaviour could all be transformed to achieve so much more? Is it time to break the ‘status quo’ and step up to your bigger game of high performance and success?

How people perform in complex organisational circumstances is directly linked to the conscious and unconscious web of interlocking behaviours, rules, constraints, relationships, social psychology and expectations that influence every outcome.

And I’ll be here to help them play it.

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What is your bigger game?

Imagine how your organisation will really deliver when you achieve:

  • Cultural shifts that deliver high performance and resilient mindsets.
  • Sustained engagement based upon practical programs including auditing, assessment and implementation to drive deep engagement across the four key dimensions of your business (customers, community, staff and leadership).
  • Clarity of purpose and vision to connect the business, its people and success.
  • Deal efficiently with conflict, address the issues that must be addressed, have the important conversations that need to be had, and take decisions which are bold and considered to elevate performance?
  • Processes and practices that support high performance, collaboration, talent enhancement and operational excellence.
  • Executable strategies, action plans and performance management processes that align effort to outcomes and drive success.

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Finding your bigger game

“Feedback from the staff was amazing – many reporting it was the best program that they have ever experienced. His style was engaging and he not only built highly valued skills, but also drove massive shifts in the culture.“ {see more}

Phil can help you and your team by removing roadblocks; enhancing creativity, collaboration and decision making; helping groups deal with unresolved issues; and simply inviting the best from participants in the room. He helps teams define the culture, processes and practices that deliver exceptional team performance, and to understand their own ongoing performance processes.

Phil Owens is a Corporate Behaviourist who specialises in crafting transformations within complex organisational environments. He is a sought after coach and facilitator who can work with your teams when you want them step up and play a much bigger game. Phil uses his unique corporate behaviourist methodologies to help decode and fine tune behaviour to achieve high performance and success.

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What could it look like?

Highly qualified, experienced and with unique behaviourist approaches learned from the world’s best, Phil has helped build, shape and enhance organisations to deliver high performance and success. Phil comes from a successful career at the top of international business, where high performance and leadership was demanded. Coupled with his qualifications in Neurophysiology, Psychology, International business, Coaching and Change, Phil knows his stuff, and helps you cut through to craft your bigger game.

“He demonstrated, not only a very comprehensive understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities relating to changing and developing corporate culture, but also the ability to develop very effective and creative approaches. His energy, drive and creativity made the difference! I would strongly recommend Phil as an advisor and facilitator in cultural change processes”. {see more}

Let Phil Owens of the Bigger Game help you take your company to a whole new level – where effectiveness and efficiency are just the start of a high performing, engaging and resilient organisation. Contact Phil now to find out about how he can be your trusted partner in transforming your business.

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