It’s about your customers

Do you find that the thing that often stands between you and your success is unleashing the full potential of your customers? It is said that more than half of our sales and marketing spend is wasted – but we just don’t know which half.
Is your approach to sales, marketing and customer experience based on ‘fear’ and ‘habit’? Cracking the code to creativity and bringing efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and real value to your customer facing activities is what can elevate your business to its bigger game. Is this what you need to transform your business to its next level?

I’ll be here to help you crack the code.

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The Bigger Game Background Clear

What is your bigger game?

Imagine how your organisation will really deliver when you achieve:

  • Effective and efficient marketing planning and activation approaches which focus on customer behavioural change.
  • Sales processes and practices that allow your message to resonate and create the changes that drive lasting results.
  • A seamless and valued customer experience
  • Connection to your community and creation of advocates that provide a ripple effect to your promotional efforts – magnifying your efforts and your results.

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Finding your bigger game

“Phil is an exceptional leader with a deep understanding of customer needs and how to resolve marketing and market challenges”. {see more}

Phil works with organisations to decode and fine tune customer behaviours to deliver performance and profit. Knowing what matters, what drives the behaviours, and specifically what can be done to make a difference is all part of Phil’s unique behaviourist approach. Phil consults on how the organisation can change behaviours beyond its borders – the behaviours of its customers and community. Marketing and sales can be seen as ‘changing the behaviour of a customer’ – so is it any wonder that the unique behaviourist approach that Phil Owens brings can revolutionise your approach, dramatically enhance your ROI and remove roadblocks to your in-market success.

Phil Owens is a Corporate Behaviourist who specialises in crafting transformations within complex organisational environments. He is a sought after coach and consultant who can work with your organisation when you want it to step up and play a much bigger game. Phil uses his unique corporate behaviourist methodologies to help decode and fine tune customer behaviour to achieve real business results, providing specialist consulting and active implementation support.

“Combining excellent strategic thinking with a very good sense of pragmatism is one of Phil’s key strengths and proof of his long and successful track record…He has been a great coach and a role model as a leader. I recommend him without hesitation..” {see more}

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Strategy is everything

What could it look like?

Highly qualified, experienced and with unique behaviourist approaches learned from the world’s best, Phil has helped build, shape and enhance organisations to deliver high performance and success. Phil comes from a successful career at the top of international business, where high performance and leadership was demanded. Coupled with his qualifications in Neurophysiology, Psychology, International business, Coaching and Change, Phil knows his stuff, and helps you cut through to craft your bigger game. Phil has won awards for his customer facing and marketing approaches and has revolutionised businesses in over 50 countries with this approach.

“This was one of the best genuinely ‘advanced’ sales training sessions I have ever attended and will certainly be using the techniques I learnt to improve my effectiveness in promoting a strong and clear message to my customers.” {see more}

Let Phil Owens of the Bigger Game help you take your company to a whole new level of customer excellence – leveraging the full value of your customers. Contact Phil now to find out about how he can be your trusted partner in transforming your approach.
Learn more about specialist consulting opportunities or contact Phil directly to find out what can be specifically developed for your needs.

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