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You may know that there is another level of excellence that you can achieve, and would want to set this as your new ‘benchmark’ in how you perform. You may notice the tension between what you do, and how you want to be. If you are somehow stuck, then you need a trusted and highly competent partner to help you break through to your bigger game.

Phil fundamentally believes that the skills and behaviours of high performance and success can be learned, developed and applied in ways which help you make a difference in your business, your career and your life.

And I’ll be here to help you play it.

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What is your bigger game?

Imagine what your world would be like when you can effectively and efficiently perform at your best – when you inspire greatness in others, and role-model high performance, resilience and continual excellence. Unlock your potential for high performance and leadership as you become:

  • Skilled at navigating the political, social and human landscapes, which make dealing with individuals and groups appear complex.
  • A more engaging, effective and resourceful leader that truly makes a difference in results and on the people around you.
  • Clear on your goals, and develop the mind set and skill set to overcome the challenges that get you stuck to really take your game to a whole new level.
  • A brilliant communicator, understanding how to be heard, how to influence, and create high performance in others.
  • Able to see behavioural meta-contingencies, and know how to break their status quo to open possibility and capability.

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Finding your bigger game

“Phil is a gifted coach with an unusually broad skill set. He brings together considerable experience, sensitivity and limitless curiosity” {see more}.

Executive coaching has proven to yield real results, and is seen as one of the best returns on investment a leader or talent can invest in.

High performance and leadership coaching with Phil Owens of the Bigger Game helps you get results. With proven and powerful approaches to working with you, Phil will help you decode and fine tune behaviours to provide the skill sets and mindsets of sustained high performance and success.

Phil Owens is a Corporate Behaviourist who specialises in crafting transformations within complex organisational environments. He is a sought after coach and mentor who can work with you when you want to step up and play a much bigger game. Phil uses his unique corporate behaviourist methodologies to help you decode and fine tune behaviour to achieve high performance and success.

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the idea!

What could it look like?

Highly qualified, experienced and with unique behaviourist approaches learned from the world’s best, Phil has helped leaders in over 30 countries change up and exceed what they even thought was possible. Phil comes from a successful career at the top of international business, where high performance and leadership was demanded. Coupled with his qualifications in Neurophysiology, Psychology, International business, Coaching and Change, Phil knows his stuff, and helps you cut through to craft your bigger game.

“Phil is secure in his expertise, so he doesn’t compensate (like some coaches) by trying to control the direction our sessions take (he respects my intelligence enough to let me lead when I need to); and doesn’t ‘cookie cutter’ me with generic business coaching models which can make one feel patronized and one step removed from the core solution. Phil has a vast repertoire of business acumen experience and high level strategic common sense which he conveys to me in a way that I can context and layer into my current scenario.” {see more}

Contact Phil now and see what your bigger game could look like, and how it can be crafted using the unique behaviourist approach – to allow you to shift the frame and play a different quality of game.
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Or contact Phil to create something tailored to your specific needs.

“I personally find it very valuable to check in with him every few months, as he constantly has new insights, fuelled by his appetite for learning new techniques and optimising his approach” {see more}

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