Unexpected Recognition
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Unexpected Recognition

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Sometimes, we do what we do because it is important to us, it makes a difference, or is part of our ‘bigger game’.

We don’t directly seek recognition (however, we always seek appropriate feedback!).

Then – out of the blue – you are recognised for what you have been doing and it allows you to take stock, and enjoy the realisation that what you do really is making a difference to others.

This happened recently to me.  I have been offering presentations to CEO level syndicates for the last couple of years.  I find them highly stimulating in that the level you have to perform at (in terms of content, engagement and delivery) is exceptionally high just to be invited to present.  Further, I find it is is great forum to develop and discuss models and frameworks for making complex ideas around people, psychology and business really relevant for high -level audiences.

Whilst I always enjoy the feedback (you can never please everyone, and hearing how you can improve is so valuable if you are open to it), I have positioned myself as a subject matter expert and a resource in the fields of culture and transformation, leadership, customer service, business development, workplace wellness, sales and marketing, and engagement and motivation.

It was therefore with great pleasure (and, yes, a measure of pride!) when the CEO institute, for whom I offer these presentations, chose to award me the title of ‘expert speaker’ within their organisation.  Whilst it was not one of my specific objectives, it reflects a continuous effort to offer incredible value to the syndicates that I have worked with, in terms of content and engagement during the sessions.

Whether this has any ‘external impact’ – I have no idea.  However, it encourages me to keep (or even exceed) the standard that led to this recognition.

It reminds me that we can all offer recognition to those who make a difference to us – with a small gesture, a kind word, or even just a ‘thank you’.  It creates an authentic connection between us and our clients or partners, and reinforces the positive qualities that we have recognised, and the efforts that they have made.

Who can you recognise today?

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