Team Development Program

Organisations that invest time and resources into developing high performance teams create a sustainable competitive advantage. Team building and team development are essential in complex environments as they drive high performance through building cohesive and collaborative behaviours and mind sets in the face of competing cultures, processes and external cues.

It is so frustrating to see a group of high quality individuals get together and be inefficient, ineffective, and simply underperform. So often we put a group of highly paid individuals in a room together and expect that they will be a great team. However, it is only through consciously developing and cultivating high performance team and group behaviours that cohesion, collaboration and real performance can emerge.

Consider what it costs to put 10 top executives together in a room for only one hour. What about for a full day meeting? Unless the processes, practices and behaviours of high performance are specifically implemented within the group, how do you know you are getting your money’s worth?

Program Overview

The Bigger Game of Team Development helps turn a group of talented individuals into a team that leverages their collective talents to reach valued outcomes.  Using behavioural science, group psychology, relational dynamics, situational awareness, advanced communication and a wealth of real world experience developing working groups and teams even in the most complex corporate environments, your key teams can develop the culture, processes and practices of high performance and success.

Phil Owens works with your team to decode and fine-tune the behaviours of the group. Through a proven process of interview, observation, assessment, facilitation, coaching and training, Phil develops specific and highly customised approaches to consciously develop high performance and self-leadership in your team or work-group.

Program Length and Scope

Your specific circumstances will determine the best approach. Do you need to:

  • Take your team on the most efficient path from formation to high performance?
  • Fine-tune already established processes and behaviours in an existing team?
  • Integrate new members effectively and efficiently into established team dynamics?
  • Break through conflict and status quo, perhaps with an intervention to get back on track?
  • Establish cross-functional work teams with clear and agreed processes for working constructively together?

Then it is time to reach your bigger game of team performance using the Bigger Game Team Development Methodologies. It is not about running off to a forest and building a raft, it is about deeply understanding your development needs and applying the very best in team development and collaborative theory to achieve high performance and success.

The Bigger Game methodology will involve experiential group learning in specific development processes. Most often this occurs as Phil guides you as you work through real world challenges and issues. Working with you to enhance these outcomes, but also integrating the culture, processes and practices of high performance creates self-leading, high functioning teams.

Phil is often called in to ‘fine tune’ high performing teams on an irregular basis – when they feel that an external view on their performance can break the status quo, when an unspoken conversation needs to be tactfully addressed, or where the group wants to challenge itself simply to continue to improve.

Phil is used to lead boards and leadership teams through strategy development, purpose and vision workshops and conflict resolution scenarios. He will work with executive groups on their retreats to maximise the value of having these key stakeholders together off-site and focused on creating valued outcomes.

Selecting the Bigger Game as your team development and mentoring partner may be the best investment decision you can make.

As you consider what sort of team specialist and mentor you need, it is clear that the key attributes that will make the relationship of significant value would include:

  • Appropriately qualified: Phil holds degrees in Neurophysiology and Psychology, as well as a diploma in coaching and executive and leadership education on three continents.
  • Experienced in team development and leadership: Phil has led local and international teams, sat on boards, run businesses worth over $AUD 2 Billion in value and developed high functioning teams in highly complex, challenging circumstances.
  • Experienced in succeeding in highly complex environments.   Phil has worked in highly regulated businesses, worked with government, external agencies and in large international matrixed and cross functional business environments, where complexity, regulation and contingencies are the norm.
  • Experienced in working across contexts, cultures, industries and functions. Phil has led international businesses comprising 91 markets, as well as global businesses reflecting whole of world business responsibility. Phil has developed cross functional and cross cultural teams, virtual teams and self-leading workgroups that generate success.

Experienced developing high performing teams through mentoring and facilitation. Phil has coached and mentored teams and leaders in over 30 countries. He works with select boards and executive teams around the world to support their highest performance and ongoing success on a regular basis.

This makes Phil Owens the perfect partner to help you and your talent step up to the Bigger Game of Team Development.  Contact Phil now.