Transacting or creating real value as a sales and marketing strategy?

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Recently, I have been bombarded with ‘push’ marketing emails from some people who have obviously attended a seminar on ‘building and converting lists’ as their main sales and marketing strategy.  They are not talking with me, they are simply shouting AT me.   It makes me wonder how little time have they really put in to deciding that I am the sort of personthat they can flog to me and charge me for. It reminds me that there is a transactional approach –  or a ‘bigger game’ approach – of dealing with your customers: 1. The transaction model. In this model, the organisation has something specific to sell.  They go out and find customers that may want to buy it.  They trade – or more precisely, they transact.  Only the act of exchange brings value to both parties and the customer only serves as a recipient of the good or service for the

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Act now (or there will be no scarcity left!)

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OK, I’m calling it.

I have simply had enough of the scarcity model of sales.


I know, psychologically, that it works.

I know there are times when scarcity exists – the room is full, or the person simply has no more time.

However, we live in a time of abundance.  There is so much of EVERYTHING, why do we need to scare people to take action?

Aren’t there enough people out there who need what we offer without us needing to scare them into action?

So, I have called it.  I am all for abundance, for sharing, for creating.

‘What else can I give’ is so much more powerful than ‘what else can I take’.

How do you sell?

How do you like fear? (don’t miss out, we are nearly out of fear!  Last chance! Hurry!)

Time to change the paradigm.