Is your ‘Little Black Duck’ getting you in trouble?

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I recently ran a one-day workshop on negotiation.  This was an experienced group of sales managers, each with lots of experience in negotiating big deals, and all with previous negotiation experience.  Even the best of them was being sabotaged in their negotiations by their ‘little black duck‘. Whilst they could all describe the core skills and elements of negotiation (what a BATNA is, for example), within the first two exercises it was clear that it wasn’t only what they knew, but rather which ‘part of them’ was negotiating.  For many of them, their ‘little black duck’ was getting them into trouble. In one exercise, participants were giving away 30% of their value, turning the negotiation into a battle or even accepting things which were not in their interests – because they were allowing their self-concept (identity issues) and emotions to drive their behaviours, rather than their considered interests and the issues

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