Specialist Consulting

Organisations often need a trusted external advisor who can decode the current reality and help them fine-tune behaviours to generate high performance and success. The advisor needs a special combination of skills, experience and capability to help you take action. Phil Owens of the Bigger Game provides specialist consulting and active implementation support in a number of key areas:

Transformative change programs

Change can be hard. Breaking the status quo and shifting the organisation in a new direction can be challenging. Phil Owens of the Bigger Game is an award winning change specialist. His unique corporate behaviourist approach cuts through to allow you to define the change that you want, then helps you to practically achieve it. With experience of transforming organisations around the world, his consulting is sought after in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. His unique approach and depth of experience ensures Phil Owens is the perfect partner for your transformation efforts.

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Sustained Engagement

Engagement is a key driver of performance. Recognised as critical for businesses to thrive, engagement is a topic many organisations struggle to impact. Phil Owens brings his unique skills, experience and methodologies to help you create sustained engagement.

Rather than considering a narrow view of engagement, Phil Owens of the Bigger Game expands his view into four key dimensions – engagement with leadership, employees, customers and community. Consulting, building programs to audit and enhance engagement across the four dimensions, Phil decodes the current status of engagement and helps you create pragmatic, practical means for enhancing it.

Phil has consulted on engagement programs in a range of industries and across highly complex organisations. He regularly lectures CEOs on how they can practically use engagement as a lever to drive performance, and is sought after to help bring a new sense of engagement through enhanced leadership and culture.

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Creating Performance Cultures.

Creating cultures that leave a lasting positive impact on performance is critical to long term success. Businesses can either consciously create their culture, or simply let it emerge out of the meta-contingencies that exist in your organisation. Phil Owens of The Bigger Game is a specialist in decoding the meta-contingencies which bind your current culture, and can help define and implement pragmatic programs to directly shape the culture towards your ideal.

The unique approach embodied in the corporate behaviourist methodologies utilised by Phil Owens calls on social psychology, change process, leadership and the latest research in sociology and anthropology to define and activate the levers which drive real culture change.

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Behavioural Marketing

They say that 65% of all marketing spend is wasted – but no one knows which 65% it is. Utilising the unique Bigger Game Behavioural Marketing approach, organisations can reduce marketing to its simplest frame of reference – driving a valued behaviour change in a target customer.

This award-winning approach removes the two biggest issues in marketing – fear and habit – and escalates marketing to a highly efficient and effective process for driving profit. Phil Owens has implemented this approach in organisations in the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia, and coaches marketing directors in this approach on a regular basis around the world.

Employing behavioural marketing in your business can dramatically empower your marketing planning and activation strategies. From saving an organisation one million Euros in a single weekend (and doubling sales growth), through to creating a robust marketing planning process in a highly complex multinational organisation, the benefits of the Bigger Game Behavioural Marketing approach are tangible, and applicable to your business and circumstance.

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Customer Facing Excellence

When Phil Owens discusses ‘customer service’ with people working in organisations, it feels more like ‘customer slavery’. Creating a valued customer experience relies on developing the culture, infrastructure and motivation to serve the customer in a way that is valuable to both parties. Creating Customer Facing Excellence is critical for many organisations to compete, and often allows them to create a distinct competitive advantage.

Building customer centricity, creating integrated touchpoints and building the ‘customer service’ culture through leadership and staff can appear to be a significant challenge. However, utilising the unique corporate behaviourist approach, Phil Owens of the bigger game can help you define the scope of Customer Facing Excellence for your organisation, and help you practically enact it.

Phil Owens has revolutionised customer experience process in organisations from highly complex multinationals, heavily regulated utilities to small businesses and technology start-ups. Bringing a deep understanding of human behaviour along with extensive experience in organisational change and customer service, Phil Owens of the Bigger Game is the perfect partner to help your organisation shift its mindset and process towards customer facing excellence.

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Sales Operations Excellence

Sales, like marketing, can be seen through a behaviourist lens. That is, each sales call is directed at shaping or changing a specific behaviour in the target customer. Developing the processes and practices of high performance in sales using the unique corporate behaviourist approach has revolutionised sales effectiveness in over 30 countries.

Phil Owens of the Bigger Game can work with you to review, design and develop cutting edge sales operations and processes which enhance sales performance. By deeply understanding human behaviour, and having experience in selling in highly complex environments and leading sales on an international scale, Phil Owens can help you decode sales planning, performance, measurement and review processes to create consistent high performance.

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