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Bigger Game Roadmap

Sometimes places are hard to find and sometimes we just stumble across them by accident.  But there is nothing accidental about the process involved in finding and successfully stepping up to your bigger game.

The Bigger Game Roadmap has been carefully designed to guide you through the process of identifying your bigger game potential and discovering crucial steps on the journey.  The roadmap tool on its own may be enough to define and put you on the right pathway to your bigger game.  If you need some help then don’t hesitate to get in touch, remember a coffee is all it takes to get the conversation started.

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The Bigger Game Roadmap

Managing Growth, Change & People

Managing Growth, Change & People presentation to Business conference

The Darkside of Agility

Keynote presentation to Business Analyst conference at the Melbourne Exhibition and Conference Centre on the 24th October 2019

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Disruption as a way of change

“Explore how effective ‘disruption’ can bring your business closer to your customers and the change you seek to create.” – Phil Owens

CEO Magazine - Creating Culture

Featured Article in CEO Magazine on ‘Creating Culture’.

“The choice individuals make is dependent on what they believe, expect, and know about the possible outcomes and the behavious of the other person” – Phil Owens

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Featured Radio Interview on ‘Stress’.

Radio interview with Mandy Page on 15/04/2016 for the Southern Cross Austereo Network about ‘Stress’.

Featured Radio Interview on ‘The Paris terror attacks and the Australain psyche’.

Radio interview with Anthony Till on 16/11/2015 for the Southern Cross Austereo Network regarding the potential impact of the recent Paris terror attacks on the Australain psyche despite us being a long way away.

CEO Magazine

CEO Magazine - Sustained Engagement Feature with Phil Owens

Featured Article on ‘Sustained Engagement’.

Enhanced engagement is a powerful driver of business performance delivering real top- and bottom-line results. How do you turn it from a ‘buzzword’ into a sustainable process that you can practically implement in your business? – Phil Owens

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Featured Radio Interview on ‘The behaviour of Trust’.

Radio interview with Anthony Till on 6/10/2015 for the Southern Cross Austereo Network regarding Trust as a behaviour in the workplace.

CEO Magazine

Featured Article on ‘Leading Change’.

Change can be difficult. Individuals, teams, and organisations often find the status quo difficult to break. Why is change so hard, and how can you ensure the critical change programs you implement in your organisation succeed? – Phil Owens

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Australian Construction Magazine

Featured Article on Productivity Vacuums and increasing efficiency.

The productivity that is required  by an organisation comes from the sum of its individuals. However, in most cases individuals are never trained in things like self-awareness, emotional intelligence and productivity. – Phil Owens

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Finding your red ocean niche.

The key to success in a red ocean is to find out what your competitors aren’t providing in order to serve the gap in the market.  Highly competitive markets can be profitable if they’re big enough and you can find your niche. – Phil Owens

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Dynamic Business

CEO Magazine

A pocket full of change.

Working with businesses all over the world, one of the biggest ‘common’ challenges of an organisation is how and when to change.

As I outlined in a recent article in CEO magazine, change is a challenge, and we can either lead change because we are adapting ahead of the market, or we can change in an attempt to keep up.

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Business Psychology.

Considering the knowledge and influence psychologists hold over people, The CEO Magazine thought it would be invaluable to adopt a business framework and apply it to the complex world of psychology.

By Philip Owens and Jay Garcia

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