A pocket full of change.

A pocket full of change.

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A pocket full of change.

Working with businesses all over the world, one of the biggest ‘common’ challenges of an organisation is how and when to change.

As I outlined in a recent article in CEO magazine, change is a challenge, and we can either lead change because we are adapting ahead of the market, or we can change in an attempt to keep up.

Often the only change that your leadership has a ‘handle’ on is the change in their pockets.  The fear of the unknown drives stasis.  It keeps people, teams and organisations stuck.

Courage is feeling that fear, and taking appropriate actions anyway.

For an organisation to continue to thrive, we sometimes have to change in ways that we could not imagine in the past.  We can capitalise upon our true core competencies and evolve the business and lead into the future, than trying to keep up.

Consider what you do:

  • In 5 years, will the market remain as it is, will it get tougher?
  • Do you have a strategic path to change to meet those challenges?
  • What should your footprint look like to be effective and efficient in your future?
  • What skills and competencies do you have that you can leverage to get there?

If you assume that what you do now will be out competed, out performed, revolutionised, technologically empowered or made redundant- what would you do?

It may be time to consider your adaptation strategy. It may be time to define your future game- your bigger game.  Are you going to accept the status quo, or are you ready?

How have you adapted, or are adapting to meet the challenge of your market’s evolution?

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