Why me?

I believe that we all have bigger games that we can play – which can take us to whole new levels of performance and success.

At the heart of every bigger game is the set of behaviours which deliver – or hinder – the possibility of real success. Exceptionally skilled, qualified and experienced, I bring my unique and proven methodologies to transform your ‘Game’.

You’ve found you have a bigger game and it’s time to do something about it. I’m here to help you get there.

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The important questions.

Is this what I am meant to do?
Am I really doing it the best I can?
Am I really making a difference?
Am I playing my bigger game or playing it safe?

My Story

Facilitating bigger games is my bigger game, but it took me a while to see it.

I used to think my bigger game was setting up companies, leading teams, delivering complex projects and generating huge revenues.

After scaling the corporate ladder, I reflected on my journey and realised I had a much bigger game to play. In my work I found myself routinely transforming individuals, teams and entire organisations in ways and with results that others did not comprehend. I found that my unique background, experience and skills allowed me to see the world in a different way, to decode the complexity of behaviours, rules and processes, and have the experience to fine tune what was happening to craft rapid, high value transformations.

What really excited me is to see what people are truly capable of when they step up to their Bigger Games. As individuals, as teams, or as whole organisations, it is so inspiring to see what happens when people consistently deliver the behaviours of high performance and success.

I eventually realised my bigger game was to share this approach on a much larger scale, and help anyone who knew they had a ‘bigger game’ to play and the courage to play it. I imagine what the world would be like when organisations, teams and individuals are performing at their best, and what this could truly deliver.

Meet Philip Owens Corporate Behaviourist and founder of the Bigger Game.

Being a Corporate Behaviourist relies on having a very particular set of skills, a raft of specific qualifications and extensive personal and professional experience in high performance and success.

Specific qualifications:

    • Bachelor of Science, majoring in Neurophysiology and pharmacology. Understanding how we create behaviours, how we learn, how we change at a functional level.
    • Grad Dip (Psychology) (graduated with distinction) – understanding the personal and social psychological dimensions of behaviour and group dynamics.
    • Psychometrics – understanding the measurement, development application and limitations of traits, attributes and skills in behaviour.
    • Executive education on three continents (BGL (Duke), AMP (Insead), GMP (AGSM)) – Understanding how behaviours operate in complex corporate environments, business skills and success principles.
    • Certification in change, facilitation, marketing, and other related processes.
    • Diploma of coaching.

These provide the basis of a lifetime of learning of how people develop, select, restrict and make contingent behaviours in organisations and complex circumstances.

Extensive personal and professional experience in crafting high performance and success:

  • From the youngest sales representative my company ever hired, I worked my way up to top management in Australia.
  • Invited to Berlin to run 91 countries – promotions up to head of global strategic marketing and board representation.
  • Led businesses of over 1.2 Billion Euros in sales ($AUD 1.5 Billion) and development pipeline of over 3.5 Billion Euros ($AUD 4 Billion).
  • Developed strategies, led change and revolutionised business practices across cultures.
  • Coached leaders in over 30 countries, across functions and industries.
  • Transformed businesses in over 50 markets, including developing cultures, processes and practices which led to significant business performance improvements.
  • Led significant international programs facilitating significant transformation, built engagement, reshaped sales and marketing, developed strategy and more.
  • Is a sought after chair, facilitator, presenter and consultant, working across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Along the way I have:

  • Been mentored by the best experts in their fields.
  • Lectured at universities and MBA courses.
  • Given invited workshops, keynotes and presentations in US, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia
  • Earned the title “expert speaker” from the CEO Institute.
  • Won awards for Marketing (“Marketing Excellence”, 2010) and Change (“Star Change Champion”, 2009)
  • Been published or quoted in a range of specialist magazines and broadsheets, interviewed on radio and featured in a report on BBC World TV.

Even my hobbies represent this mindset:

  • 5th Dan TaeKwonDo (internationally registered). Competed at State and National level and earning national accreditations in coaching and refereeing.
  • Races high performance catamarans.
  • Sits as volunteer board member and secretary on the board of Restoring Hope, a charitable foundation that seeks to restore hope in children and young people who have suffered sexual abuse.

This unique approach has made the difference to individuals, teams and organisations around the world. Why not see how it can help you break the status quo and really step up to the high performance and success of your Bigger Game?


We all have extraordinary potential. Instead of being frightened of failure, what if we were powerful beyond our imagining? I believe that the heart of performance lies the nexus of behaviours that we possess, select restrict and make contingent. By adopting this unique methodology, high performance and success behaviours can be decoded, fine-tuned and implemented to reach this potential.

Playing a smaller game serves no one. What if the status quo could be decoded, dismantled and powerful shifts could allow you to move ahead?
Playing our bigger game inspires others to also reach for something greater. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone played their bigger game?

My bigger game is helping others find and play their bigger games. I’m truly inspired by the results that individuals, teams and organisations achieve when they find their bigger games. When they consistently express high performance behaviours and gain sustained success, I imagine what might be possible.

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Phil Owens - CEO The Bigger Game

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