Performance Coaching

The Bigger Game Performance Coaching program is designed specifically to empower anyone who knows they have a bigger game to play, and are looking for a trusted partner to help them get there. Phil brings his extensive experience, knowledge and skills to bear to help decode and fine-tune behaviours for high performance leadership and success.

Program Overview

Based upon the coachee’s specific goals as well as dealing with emergent issues and specific challenges that evolve during the program, high performance becomes the new normal. It is not based on simplistic frames or traits, but a nuanced, mature understanding of how high performance can be created, expressed and made more effective as pragmatic applications are tailored to your unique situation.

For example, for every situation, you can develop the specific skills and behaviours, define the processes of how to select and modify them, and understand the contexts so that these behaviours become both valuable and highly effective.

Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, relationship dynamics, advanced communication and influence, decoding behaviours in groups and teams, driving engagement and motivating performance are common elements that often emerge during the course of coaching. Phil’s unique behaviourist approach cuts through the ‘noise’ and helps you play your bigger game.

Program Length and Timing

Based on 10 ninety minute sessions, the Performance Coaching program is delivered flexibly (with a preference for fortnightly) around the real-life realities of the coachee. The coaching engagement requires commitment – to step out of your comfort zone (with safety nets) and complete set tasks, adopt and implement new skills and reflect deeply on performance and responses.

Scope of delivery

The Bigger Game performance coaching programs are delivered in person, via telephone, or over face-to-face technology solutions such as Zoom or Skype. Phil works with clients across Australia, throughout the Middle East, Europe and the US, and selects the most appropriate mode for the client at that time.

All Zip-Line coaching calls included in the program are conducted via telephone.

The extra mile

The Bigger Game ‘Performance Coaching’ can include 360 degree interview processes, psychometric instruments and aptitude tests in accordance with the needs of the coachee. These are not used routinely, however can be added to the process as needed.

Following the 10 sessions, all participants receive an additional 10 Zip Line coaching sessions – these short and specific telephone sessions target application and implementation, set powerful goals and help you achieve them.

Selecting the Bigger Game as your performance coaching partner may be the best investment decision you can make.

As you consider what sort of coach you need, it is clear that the key attributes that will make the coaching relationship of significant value would include:

  • Appropriately qualified: Phil holds degrees in Neurophysiology and Psychology, as well as a diploma in coaching and executive and leadership education on three continents.
  • Experienced in leadership: Phil has led local and international teams, sat on boards, invited to examine and coach leaders in development centres and run businesses worth over $AUD 2 Billion in value.
  • Experienced in succeeding in highly complex environments.   Phil has worked in highly regulated businesses, worked with government, external agencies and in large international matrixed and cross functional business environments, where complexity, regulation and contingencies are the norm.
  • Experienced in working across contexts, cultures, industries and functions. Phil has led international businesses comprising 91 markets, as well as global businesses reflecting whole of world business responsibility.

Experienced developing high performance through coaching. Phil has coached leaders in over 30 countries, and has developed talent across four continents, with alumni of Phil’s programs regularly being promoted or acknowledged for their performance enhancements.

This makes Phil Owens the perfect partner to help you and your talent step up to the Bigger Game of Performance through coaching.  Contact Phil now.