Leadership Skills Program

Organisations with great leaders are great organisations. Leaders are the most visible and salient members of your organisation, and as they exhibit the high performance behaviours that drive success, everyone else will have a role model to aspire to. Great leadership is the cornerstone of great cultures and sustained engagement.

Too often, organisations send staff on ‘leadership development’ programs and when they get back in the business, little changes. There are two key reasons why this happens:

  • The organisation has a status quo which makes practical application of new skills, especially ones not normally seen in the organisation, difficult for a team member to achieve.
  • The ‘leadership’ principles are only taught at a cognitive level.

The Bigger Game Leadership Development program addresses both of these issues head on – it creates leadership skills and behaviours in the context of your workplace, supports the continued application and evaluation of these skills and creates a culture of high performance for attendees. If you want leaders to emerge that will drive your culture, vision and values, then now is the time to implement the Bigger Game Leadership Development program in your organisation.

Program Overview

A unique program is developed for an active cohort within your organisation. This means powerful, business focused conversations can be encouraged, real issues tackled and the organisation’s own culture, vision, processes and practices can be used as examples throughout the development process.

A modular concept is offered. Organisations select 8 modules from the 20 available modules to build a program which suits the specific needs of the group. Taking the four fundamental modules and adding an additional four units that focus on your organisational needs (more or less strategy based, customer focused or change related, for example) builds the basic program. Additional modules can be added as required.

Each module is based on a ½ day fully immersive workshop. Leaders cannot afford to be away from the coal-face for extended periods. These workshops get to the heart of the topic, explore its application, ensure deep experiential learning and allow minimal disruption from normal workplace functioning.

Application and accountability coaching is offered to every attendee, every module. This is the difference that really ensures success. Every attendee receives a 30 minute implementation coaching session on the material in the module, to ensure they are finding real world opportunities to utilise what they have learned to actively add value to their work.

Program Length and Timing

The eight module program is recommended to run over 12 months. One workshop every six weeks allows the participants minimal time away from normal duties, and enough time for the particular skills taught in the module to be deployed and applied. Approximately half way between workshops, a 30 minute coaching session is booked to ensure the attendee can confidentially discuss their application of the skills and behaviours, the results seen, and further reinforcing and fine-tuning the concepts and applications to gain the greatest value and traction from the material provided.

Scope of delivery

Workshops are delivered in person, with application coaching sessions delivered in person or by telephone. For international and interstate clients, virtual meetings (such as Zoom) are also possible, but face to face delivery of workshops is recommended.

The extra mile

Attendees also have access to Phil for short burst coaching around specific issues that arise. This means that emerging issues that could benefit from the new skills can be discussed with Phil at any time during the program (by arrangement for scheduling) at short notice, and supported.

Attendees can also access psychometric and aptitude testing, 360 interview processes and ongoing mentor and coaching programs.

Sessions can be videoed and specific clips of key content can be provided to attendees for review and ongoing learning as required.


Selecting the Bigger Game as your leadership skills development partner may be the best investment decision you can make.

As you consider what sort of specialist you need, it is clear that the key attributes that will make the relationship of significant value would include:

  • Appropriately qualified: Phil holds degrees in Neurophysiology and Psychology, as well as a diploma in coaching and executive and leadership education on three continents. Phil is also an international facilitator and is an ‘Expert Speaker’ for C-suite audiences.
  • Experienced in real leadership: Phil has led local and international teams, sat on boards, invited to examine and coach leaders in development centres and run businesses worth over $AUD 2 Billion in value. Phil has the experience to train, coach and mentor your emerging talent.
  • Experienced in succeeding in highly complex environments.   Phil has worked in highly regulated businesses, worked with government, external agencies and in large international matrixed and cross functional business environments, where complexity, regulation and contingencies are the norm. Leaders need to be able to decode and fine-tune behaviours in these environments to succeed.
  • Experienced in training and developing leaders. Phil has trained leadership in the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. He is an invited speaker at universities and MBA courses, and runs internal programs to develop leadership around the world.

Experienced developing high performance leadership through coaching and mentoring. Phil has coached and mentored leaders in over 30 countries, and works with a select group of leaders around the world to support their highest performance and ongoing success on a regular basis. Each attendee gains access to this high level coaching support.

This makes Phil Owens the perfect partner to help you build real leadership in your organisation.  Enhance your ability to step up to the Bigger Game of Leadership through our Leadership Development program.  Contact Phil now.