Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring is an important way to strengthen leadership. Research indicates that relationship-based learning such as mentoring serves as the most consistently powerful source of individual and career performance.

For many leaders, it can be ‘lonely at the top’.  The issues they face are difficult to share with others within the business, or with people in their personal lives.   What leaders seek is a highly skilled, trustworthy mentor with whom they can have deeply confidential discussions.  These conversations can help leaders reflect, challenge, gain an external perspective and also enhance their situational leadership.

The Bigger Game Leadership Mentoring program is designed specifically to empower leaders, directors and senior executives in roles in which leadership is critical to success.  Phil brings his extensive experience, knowledge and skills to help decode and fine-tune behaviours for high performance leadership and success, and be the confidential, experienced partner that they seek.

Program Length and Timing

The mentoring program is set up as a continuing arrangement, with the meetings between you and Phil Owens arranged on an as-needed basis, around ‘milestone’ meetings (usually once a month, for ninety minutes).  Working with Phil in this program means he will make himself available at short notice in person or by telephone, in response to specific situations where mentoring would be valuable outside of the milestone meetings.   Phil is committed to supporting you with high quality mentoring as you need it and to help you be at your best in all of the complex situations that can emerge.

Scope of delivery

The Bigger Game Leadership Mentoring programs are delivered in person, via telephone, or over face-to-face technology solutions such as Zoom or Skype.  Phil works with clients across Australia, throughout the Middle East, Europe and the US, and selects the most appropriate mode for the client at that time.

Selecting the Bigger Game as your mentoring partner may be the best investment decision you can make.

As you consider what sort of mentor you need, it is clear that the key attributes that will make the relationship of significant value would include:

·        Appropriately qualified:  Phil holds degrees in Neurophysiology and Psychology, as well as a diploma in coaching and executive and leadership education on three continents.

·        Experienced in leadership:  Phil has led local and international teams, sat on boards, invited to examine and coach leaders in development centres and run businesses worth over $AUD 2 Billion in value.

·        Experienced in succeeding in highly complex environments.   Phil has worked in highly regulated businesses, worked with government, external agencies and in large international matrixed and cross functional business environments, where complexity, regulation and contingencies are the norm.

·        Experienced in working across contexts, cultures, industries and functions.  Phil has led international businesses comprising 91 markets, as well as global businesses reflecting whole of world business responsibility.

·        Experienced developing high performance through mentoring.  Phil has coached and mentored leaders in over 30 countries, Phil works with a select group of leaders around the world to support their highest performance and ongoing success on a regular basis.

This makes Phil Owens the perfect partner to help you and your talent step up to the Bigger Game of Leadership through mentoring.  Contact Phil now.