Keynote Speaking – Meeting Facilitator – Chairperson

When you are looking for a unique perspective in your next keynote presentation, a seamless facilitator that gets the best out of meetings, groups and conference sessions, or a chairperson who keeps things on track, then speak to Phil Owens of the Bigger Game.

Phil’s unique corporate behaviourist approach brings powerful, practical insights to all aspects of business performance. His ability to decode strategy, sales, marketing, culture, enhancement, performance, behaviour and psychology, for example, allows informative, inspiring presentations that ignite action.

Phil is a sought after speaker, having lectured at universities, MBA programs, international conferences and industry events in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Phil is regularly invited to speak at CEO level syndicates and has been awarded the title of ‘Expert Speaker’ by the CEO Institute for outstanding presentations delivered across a broad range of topics over an extended period of time.

Phil will work with you to understand what key messages or action items you want from the session, and fully customise his presentation to make sure this is achieved.   People will be motivated, educated and inspired from Phil’s sessions.

Contact Phil now to find out how your next conference can be enhanced by a presentation or workshop to take your message to a Bigger Game.