Business Psychology

Business Psychology

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The most complex part of many businesses are also often their most valued assets – their people. In the business environment it can be hard enough for leaders to understand (let alone, predict!) the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of an individual, let alone what happens when people start to work together and interrelate.

In this month’s CEO magazine, I wrote an article on business psychology, where I covered many of the aspects of business psychology that a leader really needs to know.

For leaders to play their bigger games, they often need to start with self-awareness – understanding their own motivators, decision making processes and the conclusions they draw.  From this, leaders can explore how those they work with act, and how they can best relate to them.

Often it is this point of interaction – where the complexities of individuals are multiplied by relationships- where clear frameworks can help leaders operate more effectively and efficiently.  By stepping back and really seeing what is going on, leaders can adapt their approaches to get the best out of their staff-and themselves.  Stepping back and considering the ‘people side’ of the business can make a massive impact, by enhancing team performance, lifting engagement, defining the drivers of behaviours and adding personal reflection in creating business value.

We are each on our own journeys to our bigger games.  I invite you to read the article and consider how understanding yourself and others can help you step up to what may be possible for you, your team or your organisation.  What is the most important thing about business psychology that can help you play your bigger game?

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