Three ways to get the conversation started.

If you like the personal touch then give me a call on 0418 126 652.

If you would prefer to get in touch via your own mail program then just enter into the To: section and then get the conversation started.

Simply fill out the enquiry form below and I will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

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    How it works?

    You contact me when you’re ready.  We have an open, confidential discussion about what your bigger game might be and how you could play it.  There’s no hard sell or limited offers.  Only your bigger game and your courage to step up.

    We may define a path, steps, areas you can amplify and how to move forward.

    We can talk about what working with me would look like.  I’m passionate about bigger games; the next one could be yours.

    To thank you for our conversation – whether you elect to work with me or not – I’ll ensure food, fresh water or medicine (you choose) reach 100 people via B1G1.

    If you’re ready to play your bigger game, contact me now.  If you’re not, bookmark this site. When your bigger game calls you, you’ll know where I am.


    If you know someone with a bigger game to play, and feel I can help them play it, I take it very seriously.

    A referral is a powerful gift.  From the outside, we often see with a perspective and clarity lost to others busy with their own ‘stuff’.  Your bigger game may be noticing what’s going on in others, and suggesting they contact me.

    Any person, team or organisation you refer will be treated with absolute respect.  I won’t harass them, market to them or make one-time offers.  I’ll simply offer them a confidential chat to see what may be possible, and how to proceed.

    My B1G1 thank you applies.  I’ll see to it that 100 people access fresh water just for the referral.  It becomes even more powerful when I meet them and the conversation leads to a further 100 people receiving food, water or medicine.  In helping one party, you thus help hundreds more!

    So if you know a person, team or business that’s struggling to reach their potential, let them know where I am.  Invite them to contact me now to see what’s possible beyond their expectations.  And please contact me if you’ve referred someone, so I can activate the non-random act of kindness.