Your Bigger Game through the unique Corporate Behaviourist approach. Decoding and fine tuning behaviours to create sustainable high performance cultures, processes and practices – so you can be more, do more and give more.

Welcome to the Bigger Game.

Where helping you to reach your bigger game is Phil’s passion.

Where decoding and fine tuning the behaviours of individuals, teams, organisations and your customer is what allows you and your business to step up to your Bigger Game – delivering consistent higher performance, success and profit.

Phil’s focus is bringing the proven skills, experience and expertise to create a targeted, fully tailored solution to help you step up to what may be possible.

Because, after all, it is your Bigger Game.

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Finding your bigger game

Human behaviour – especially in organisations, teams and customer interactions – is complex. How people perform is directly linked to the conscious and unconscious meta-contingencies that exist – that is the web of interlocking behaviours, rules, constraints, relationships, social psychology and expectations that influence every outcome.

Your current performance – and your bigger game – is unique; born of talent, history and specific circumstances.

To step up to what you know is possible (and beyond), you need an expert partner who’s passionate about your bigger game – and can help you to create it.

Find out what your bigger game could be – and how you can transform to achieve it.

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Why will this work for me?

Phil Owens is a Corporate Behaviourist who specialises in crafting radical transformations within complex organisational environments.

He is a sought after coach, facilitator and consultant who can work with you when you want it to step up and play a much bigger game.

His unique and proven methodologies help you see what needs to be done, and support you to achieve it.

His track record speaks for itself. His passion to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve their very best is clear. His qualifications, experience and skills have unlocked incredible improvements in performance around the world – even in the most complex situations.

You may have tried other ways to play your Bigger Game. Now is the time to engage Phil as your expert partner who’s brings a mature, passionate and highly informed approach.

Rely on his experience at the highest levels of business, and in the most complex circumstances and industries, to help you create your Bigger Game.

The unique corporate behavioural approach will take you beyond your expectations and help you decode and fine tune behaviours to craft incredible performance.

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“Charismatic, smart, genial in communicating complex issues in simple words, Phil excells in keeping big picture in mind and being practical in action.  I always feel included, empowered but also guided whenever help is needed.  I share Phil’s vision of a good team leader: set the vison, align the organisation and motivate the people” – Rong Yang, Assistant to the CEO, Bayer Health Care (Berlin, Germany).

Testimonials – Case Studies

Phil Owens - Founder of The Bigger Game

Bigger Philosophy:

Phil fundamentally believes that the skills and behaviours of high performance and success can be learned, developed and applied in ways which help you make a difference in your business, your career and your life– and help you play your Bigger Game.

He is truly inspired by the potential in people, teams and organisations. His passion is to unlock it, add the skills that matter and create bigger games that make real differences.

Phil imagines what would really be possible when everyone steps up and plays their bigger games.

See Phil in action.

Phil works with individual clients, work groups, and entire organisations.  Phil is also often invited to present key note speeches at conferences around the world.

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You contact me when you’re ready.  We have an open, confidential discussion about what your bigger game might be and how you could play it.  There’s no hard sell or limited offers.  Only your bigger game and your courage to step up.

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Non-RAK – What is it?

Non-random acts of kindness are part of my bigger game.

They’re embedded in to what we do and they’re anything but random. Every time we do work together, we make sure something great happens for those in our world who need help to play their bigger game.

We make it possible because of our Lifetime Partnership with B1G1: Business for Good.

So when you work with me to play your bigger game, we play an even bigger game together. And we do it through NON-random acts of kindness. In this way, playing your bigger game becomes an even bigger one. Together.


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